Agustí   Fernández
Agustí Fernández
In the final week of Poland’s 9 Krakowska Jesień Jazzowa (Krakow Jazz Autumn), the 14 members of the Barry Guy Blue Shroud Band played nightly in small formations, and by day rehearsed and created a final concert that was an anti-war statement based on images in Pable Picasso’s painting Guernica. It was presented on Friday, November 21 at Radio Krakow, while the preceding concerts took place at Alchemia in central Krakow. Members of the band included: Savina Yannatou (voice); Michel Godard (tuba, serpent); Ben Dwyer (guitar); Agusti Fernandez (piano); Torben Snekkestad (soprano/tenor saxes); Michael Niesemann (alto sax/oboe); Per Texas Johansson (tenor sax/clarinet); Peter Evans (trumpet); Julius Gabriel (baritone/soprano saxes); Maya Homburger (violin); Fanny Paccoud (viola); Lucas Niggli (percussion); Ramon Lopez (percussion); Barry Guy (bass/conductor).